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One On One Sessions 


Individual clients work directly with a mental performance consultant. Some of the value gained through a one on one session includes:


  • Building a deeper level of self-awareness

  • Finding your ideal level of motivation and energy

  • Goal setting strategies to set you up for success

  • Developing your ideal pre-performance routine


Your mental skills coach will be made available to you between sessions via email, text message, and phone. All work is customized to meet your specific needs with worksheets and daily practice plans. Sessions may be face to face or through video (Zoom, etc...).

Keynote Speaking Engagements 


Hire a mental performance consultant to present on High Performance Mindset at your next event or conference. Topics of specialization include:


  • Developing Your Mental Toolbox

  • Raise the BARR Mentality

  • Controlling the Controllables

  • Learn. Plan. Perform.


This is a highly collaborative engagement that will require proactive involvement from coaching staffs and administration.

Team/Group Workshops


Coaches can work with a mental performance consultant to develop a culture of excellence with your team and custom strategies that will guide your season. Activities focus on:


  • One team/One mission

  • Trust building to develop cohesion

  • Communication essentials

  • Maximizing your role

  • Norms of behavior


Workshops are highly interactive and include activities that debrief into sport specific discussions to help athletes apply what they learned. Sessions are face to face at your training facility or an agreed upon location.

Parents/Coaches Clinics & Workshops  


Work with a mental performance consultant to organize educational clinics and workshops that support and lead your youth athletes toward their performance excellence. Sessions are face to face at your training facility or an agreed upon location.

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