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Brian has consulted and supported every level of sport from Olympians to youth and professional performance in the business and medical professions. Most notably, Brian attended the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games as the mental skills coach for USA Men’s water polo. Brian also serves as the Director of Performance Mind for UC San Diego athletics. Brian has been an approved mentor through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology guiding a number of high level mental performance consultants toward their certification hours. He has also served as an adjunct professor teaching Counseling Skills, Diversity in Sport, & the History of Sport and Sport Psychology. Brian has co-authored book chapters in texts titled Excelling in Sport Psychology: Planning, Preparing & Executing Applied Work & A Case Solution Companion to Building Consulting Skills for Sport and Performance Psychology.


Brian holds a Bachelor in Psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Masters in Sport Psychology from John F. Kennedy University. He maintains CMPC status as administered by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

"My passion is to empower others to succeed in life, athletics, performance, and daily activities. With a successful past in the athletic and professional arena, I have found some of my signature strengths to be connecting with people, performing under pressure, and adapting in the moment by being open-minded. I approach each moment with optimism and each person with a genuine, non-judgmental, empathetic listening ear. It is important to identify learning opportunities and develop a plan to grow as you move through your career. My personal mission statement is to be a genuine and honest leader who collaborates with and learns from others in order to find a mutual personal level of excellence physically, mentally, and spiritually."

Mental Skills Coach Brian Alexander
What some happy clients say:  

"Brian worked with our Formula Endurance team, individually counseling many of our athletes, and the results were clear, and even in some cases dramatic. He also worked with the coaching staff to help create a system which better prepared our athletes to be ready mentally to perform their best at the biggest competitions of the year. His success and experience as an athlete help him relate to athletes, and have instant credibility. His approach and demeanor wins their trust and gets them to objectively identify their areas of need and commit to improving them. We look forward to continuing to work with Brian!"


- Jim Vance 

Head Coach, Formula Endurance 

USA Swimming Team

USA Triathlon High Performance Team

"From my perspective it was a HUGE success.  [My son] was nervous, but not debilitated with nerves at the start, the way he has been in the past.  He was excited the whole trip. He raced at a faster pace in each leg of the race than he had [previously].  He was less than 2 minutes behind the leaders coming out of the water which is his best swim result in an Elite Cup.  He was happy, and already talking about next year now that [he] knows what to do."


- Triathlete Parent

"Throughout his time at Oz, Brian was very professional, always prepared, and was able to engage well with staff and youth. Brian worked with challenging youth whom were not always motivated; however Brian always remained steady and encouraging. We really appreciated Brian’s work ethic and commitment. Brian himself is very motivated and was always interested in feedback as he is always striving to improve himself. I highly recommend Brian and believe he will do very well in his career.”


- Melissa Morais-Parr

YMCA Oz San Diego Program Director

"Just wanted to say 'thanks'! Your time, effort, and laser like engagement with my son is really helping him grow and mature...not to mention leveling his mood swings. Great job!!!"


- Water Polo Parent

There is only so much advise, especially when it comes to sports that a parent can give. My son was competing at top levels for club and high school and really needed navigation to the next level. We needed someone who knew sports and also really understood the level of stress and pressure put on young athletes. Brian Alexander was that and more! His calm presence really put my myself and my son at ease. He met with my son over the course of a year and really was instrumental at helping him move through incoming and ongoing situations such as meeting college coaches, tryouts, and his final season at high school.  Brian was truly worth his weight in gold! I would recommend him to anyone wanting to play sports at their highest level. In the fall he was team and coach appointed Captain for his high school. He played every game with 100% playing time. In January offered and accepted a spot on the USD Men's soccer team. Division 1, his dream. Thank you Brian for helping him get there!


- Soccer Athlete Parent

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